Monthly Archives: November 2010

Dear Boots

Dear Skechers Boots,

I realize that I purchased you a decade ago for about $8 in some mad clearance sale at Kohls. I also realize that, in that period of ten years, you have stood the test of time. I have tromped through snow in you, thoroughly tested your water-resistant exterior, worn you to play, walk and now, to work.

You are probably tired. That last bit where your sole dropped off in the middle of an eight-hour shift at work was an indicator of your failing health. I’m glad you’ve responded so well to the Gorilla Glue therapy, but I still worry that our days spent together are numbered, especially considering you are currently undergoing more Gorilla Glue therapy for a different ailment.

Thank you for all you have given me. I ask that you hang in a bit longer, as I keep forgetting to buy shoes for work.


Dear Tastebuds

Dear Tastebuds at the Forefront of My Tongue,

You seem to be missing. I understand you may be upset. I would also be upset if someone I knew and trusted poured boiling ginger peach tea all over me. However, your absence is making my life quite difficult.

My deepest apologies for burning you so. Please come home.


P. S. I didn’t know the tea was still hot. I’d never used that insulating mug before.