Dear Boots

Dear Skechers Boots,

I realize that I purchased you a decade ago for about $8 in some mad clearance sale at Kohls. I also realize that, in that period of ten years, you have stood the test of time. I have tromped through snow in you, thoroughly tested your water-resistant exterior, worn you to play, walk and now, to work.

You are probably tired. That last bit where your sole dropped off in the middle of an eight-hour shift at work was an indicator of your failing health. I’m glad you’ve responded so well to the Gorilla Glue therapy, but I still worry that our days spent together are numbered, especially considering you are currently undergoing more Gorilla Glue therapy for a different ailment.

Thank you for all you have given me. I ask that you hang in a bit longer, as I keep forgetting to buy shoes for work.


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