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Dear T-Mobile

Dear T-Mobile,

I understand that you are releasing a new app to prevent people from texting and taking phone calls while driving. I also understand that the app works by judging whether the user is traveling at a speed of more than ten miles per hour and, if that is the case, forwarding phone calls to voicemail or a Bluetooth headset.

I have two problems with this app. One is that studies have shown that drivers using handsfree devices are just as distracted as drivers talking on the phone normally. Your support of the Bluetooth devices is only propagating the false belief that the distraction behind the wheel comes from not holding the ten-and-two position rather than from trying to focus on the disembodied voice of another person.

My second problem is the following: you admit that parents of teens will likely force this app on their childrens’ phones to try to start healthy driving habits with the teens. However, teens typically spend much less time behind the wheel than they do sitting in the passenger or back seats of a car. These cars generally exceed ten miles per hour in speed.

My question is this: since any time a teen who has had this app forced upon then is in a moving vehicle their phone will essentially shut down, will you be providing some sort of hotline for distraught parents who are wondering why their child won’t pick up the phone when they were just riding with someone to the store? Are you ready for the onslaught of letters from angry teens who have been grounded or otherwise punished for not calling to inform their parents of a change in plans because they happened to be in a moving vehicle?

I would normally assume you’d thought this through, but the entire app seems to lack common sense. I hope you’re able to work all of this out.


P. S. I assume you have this figured out, but people stopped at stoplights are going zero miles per hour. Will their phone calls get through to them?

P. P. S. I just read a statement that clarified a few things. It said that drivers can disable the call forwarding if they are sitting in a passenger seat or on a bus. You know the aforementioned teens will just use that feature while driving, right?