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Dear Customers of Stores

Dear Customers of Stores,

The people who work for the stores where you shop are not Ms. Cleo nor the witch of Endor nor Shawn Spencer. They cannot read your mind and there is no reason for you to assume that that is a natural function of someone who works in customer service. Many times they are more than willing to help you if they actually know that you need help. The only way they’ll know is if you communicate your needs to them.

The following does not constitute proper communication:

Pointing at an item you need lifted, scanned or moved without expressing what you would like the employee to do for you.

Nodding or shaking your head when asked a question that cannot be sufficiently answered with a “yes” or a “no”.

Nodding or shaking your head so slightly that no person of any intelligence level can discern what your answer to the question is.

Gesturing wildly to the employee because you refuse to either hang up your cell phone or tell the party on the other line to wait a moment.

Snapping at anyone, ever.

Telling one of the people shopping with you what you’d like the employee to do (i.e. Saying, “She’ll get it for us.” to your friend without actually asking for the employee to procure the item.)

Silently seething because you need help loading your purchases but refuse to tell anyone of your need. And then complaining because the employees didn’t read your mind.

Staring wordlessly at an employee.

If you need help, just ask. Most employees in the customer service are happy to help you if you express a need. However, if you fail to communicate with actual words, don’t blame the employee; blame yourself.


Dear Christmas-Eve-Day Shoppers

Dear Christmas-Eve-Day Shoppers, I understand that various circumstances have thrust you into the unfortunate position of last-minute shopping. I respect those circumstances and everything you have gone through. However, I think I speak for all members of any customer-service-based operation when I say this: I am not to blame for your stress. I have been here all season, helping customers find items. Today begins the eighth day in a row that I have worked. I’ve been pulling full-time hours when I’m a part-time employee. I have been helpful and nice and will continue to be so through closing hours today. Considering all of that, please keep in mind that whatever circumstances put you in this understandably stressful position-be it a forgetful spouse, a tyrannical employer, a late paycheck or simple laziness-were not caused by me or any of my fellow employees. Therefore, I’m requesting hours before my work day begins that you act nice and cheerful and friendly. Or at least refrain from being rude.

And please don’t do that thing where you talk to me like I’m not a human being. I haven’t had that happen in awhile, and I’d prefer for things to stay that way.

I thank you for listening to my request. Have a wonderful Christmas!