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Dear Americas Best Value Inn (sic)

Dear Americas Best Value Inn (sic),

When I first passed you on a local highway, I thought very little of you. I assumed you were a lowly, stand-alone motel whose owners may or may not have the best grasp on grammar and punctuation. However, since first seeing you, I have stumbled upon no less than four of your establishments in four different cities in the DFW Metroplex. My original assumption about you was wrong; you are, in fact, a motel chain. This means that you are a company that employs more people than just Ma, Pa and Junior. Some of those people probably speak the native language of the country placed in your company’s name (which, coincidentally is the country in which you operate and conduct business).

Considering all of the above, I have one simple question for you: Do you enjoy the murder and mutilation of the English language?

Your name is pretty simple: Americas Best Value Inn. These four words don’t leave a lot of room for grammatical error, but somehow you’ve managed to throw one in the mix that I cannot overlook.

The word “Americas” should contain an apostrophe. There, I wrote it. Under no perceivable circumstances should your title not have an apostrophe in it. If the value of this inn is, in fact, America’s best, then it should read “America’s Best Value Inn.”

I don’t understand how such a flagrant and insulting error was made. Did you save money by not including the apostrophe in order to pass the savings on to your customers? Are apostrophes the Coach purses of the punctuation world? How much do they cost, anyway?

If that’s not the case, then I assume this error is simply that: an error. If this is true, I’m embarrassed for you. Any chain that doesn’t employ one person who would have noticed this mistake and fixed it is not a chain I would want to associate with.

I hope to hear from you concerning this issue. I also hope that you fix the error soon. Really, either way, it’s just embarrassing.