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Mind-blowing pins

Pinterest users seem to be having trouble describing things.  Pinterest requires some sort of comment to be made about a pin, so it’s no wonder that users feel a bit overwhelmed having to write something for every new pin that’s created.  A very popular way of filling in that comment box is simply writing “mind blown.”  This phrase is overused and misused constantly on Pinterest.  I’m here to rectify that. Along the way, I’ll be teaching a few new and exciting vocabulary words to further help Pinterest users properly describe their pins.

Let us start with what “mind blown” actually means so we can later explore what it doesn’t mean.  There is no formal dictionary listing for “mind blown.” However, Thesaurus.com has some synonyms for the term “mind-blowing”. Those synonyms are:

astonishing, eye-opening, hallucinatory, mind-altering, mind-boggling, overwhelming,psychedelic, staggering, stunning, wonderful

I estimate that 85% of what is posted on Pinterest and other social media platforms alongside the phrase “mind blown” or “mind=blown” or something of the sort is not interesting, much less boggling, overwhelming, astonishing, or wonderful.  I have taken a few screen shots to illustrate my point (the vocabulary words for the day are in bold to make learning easy and fun!):


The only way that this would be mind-blowing is if it was done on purpose. Otherwise, it’s just a coincidence.


This seems a popular sort of blowing of the mind.  I’m going to give the posters the benefit of the doubt and assume they are unaware that animators often watch the facial expressions and gestures of voice actors in order to make animations more true-to-life.  That’s why many cartoon characters end up with elements of their voice actors’ expressions and gestures.  This is interesting, but it’s not astonishing or shocking.


No. Just no. Yo-Yo Ma was probably just being funny.  If the poster of Yo-Yo Ma came alive at the sight of his Overlord and Clone Original, then that would be mind-blowing.  His being humorous is just…humorous.


This is not mind-blowing for the following reason: someone just made something up and applied it to an element of a fictional character.  The people in charge of costume and make up for this actor were likely not thinking, “Let’s cross Voldemort with a squid.”  Even if they were, it still has no astounding implications.  This is just stupid.

This concludes today’s lesson. The words we have learned today are: coincidence, interesting, humorous, and stupid. What other words can you think of that describe the above screenshots?

Dear Library Computer B

Dear Library Computer B,

I understand that, being a library computer, you are likely overused and underserviced. I also understand that the majority of your software is probably outdated and, thus, you run much slower than most of the computers to which I am accustomed. The ideas of antivirus software, high-speed Internet, and any browser other than Internet Explorer are foreign to you. You tool along at insanely slow speeds, completely oblivious to the existence of your more technologically advanced cousins. I am absolutely understanding of this fact, as I know that you are free for me to use at any time.

However, I would like to point out that refusing to display and print PDFs is completely unacceptable. A PDF is not some strange file type; it is quite common and, though I appreciate that you finally decided to print my document, the trouble you gave me was hardly helpful.

Next time, try to be more accommodating, and I’ll try to be more understanding about your horrifically antiquated state.


Dear Internet

Dear Internet and People Who Use the Internet,

You are a strange, strange place (and strange, strange people). The fact that my friend and I can make a blog about wanting various material goods and you respond by actually giving us money is silly. But, I’m not turning it down.

Thanks for all the support.