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Dear Blog Followers

Dear Blog Followers,

Over the last few months I have struggled to keep this blog going and have more or less failed.  Part of the reason is my dedication to sticking to the format.  I have plenty of things that I would like to write, but writing them in letter format seems to limit what I can say to an extent.  I have felt at times that this format even cheapens some serious thoughts I have.  So, I’m going to be freeing myself up a bit on this blog.

I will still write letters occasionally. But, in addition to that, I’d like to be free to write in whatever fashion I feel fits the thoughts and topics I wish to write about.  So, there will be non-letter posts, too.  Usually, I would just start a new blog with a different name, but I don’t want to abandon this one altogether.  Besides, I do plan to write with the upmost sincerity, so I feel the title is still appropriate. 

I hope you all enjoy what is to come.  It will be varied in subject matter as I have Opinions and Thoughts on a Great Many Topics.  But, hopefully my writing ability will continually improve and be increasingly enjoyable as time goes on.

Thanks for all of the years of reading! And please stick around!