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Dear People in the Entertainment News Business

Dear People in the Entertainment News Business,

A few days ago, I switched the radio from its normal spot on NPR/public radio to some Top 40 station. I don’t really remember why.  I probably wanted to hear that new P!nk song (and I’m ashamed that I don’t feel more shame about loving that song).  Anyway, the whys and wherefors and whoseits don’t really matter.  What matters is that, upon turning to this station, I heard a DJ say roughly the following:

Female DJ: We have a debate going on this morning. I think Kim Kardashian’s maternity wear is getting better and better.  [Male DJ] doesn’t agree.  More on that in a few minutes.

Seriously?! This is a conversation you chose to have not just once off the air, but a second time on the air? I just…my brain..melted a little there.

Okay, I’ll stop writing about the banality of entertainment news or whatever.  I actually have a sincere question for those of you in this business:

How do you have opinions on these things?

I am a great purveyor opinions.  I’m fairly certain I have opinions on far more things than the average person.  I have expressed opinions on topics ranging from the pronounceability of the dollar sign in Ke$ha’s name to people’s choices to be buried with their earthly belongings to the incorrect punctuation on a sign for a certain hotel chain.  And that’s just on this blog.  Other opinions  that I have recently expressed to friends and family members range from the way in which people use Instagram to the existence of konapun videos to the names of companies which produce cloth diapers to whether caring about politics is really beneficial on an individual level.

I have opinions on many, many things.  But I still don’t understand how you can form opinions on whether or not a pregnant woman who is literally famous for either a sex tape, her father/step-father being famous or for simply being rich is buying more fashionable maternity clothing this month.  Is this really a thing to care about?

I realize this may come across as the pot calling the kettle black.  But, I really am curious about this.  Every time I listen to or watch any sort of entertainment news program I am hit with how absurdly obsessed with minutia everyone seems to be.  How do you have opinions on these things?  Is it drudgery having to act like you care about the state of a celebrity’s hair?  Or do you really find these topics interesting?

Please respond. Inquiring minds and all.




Dear People Who Are Complaining About Certain Hunger Games Actors’ Skin Color

Dear People Who Are Complaining About Certain Hunger Games Actors’ Skin Color,

You are entirely ignorant on several levels.

First off, since you had some preconceived notions about what the characters should look like before seeing the movie, I’m going to assume that you have read the book.  Considering this fact, I am shocked at some of the comments that have been made about the race of Rue, Thresh and Cinna in the movie.

Let me clear something up for you: Rue and Thresh were both black in the book.  No, really.  Here’s a quote from when Katniss is watching the reapings in other districts:

And most hauntingly, a twelve-year-old girl from District 11. She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that, she’s very like Prim in size and demeanor.

And, again, when Katniss is in training:

She’s the twelve-year-old, the one who reminded me so of Prim in stature.  Up close she looks about ten.  She has bright, dark eyes and satiny brown skin…

And about Thresh:

The boy tribute from District 11, Thresh, has the same dark skin as Rue, but the resemblance stops there.

Suzanne Collins wrote the above words in the very book upon which the movie you’ve been  complaining about is based.  If you are on the side of the few who thought “dark brown skin” meant “tan”, let’s not forget than Katniss and most of the people from the Seam have olive-toned skin.  She would have probably mentioned the similarity rather than emphasizing how dark the District 11 tributes’ skin is.

Also, Katniss explicitly states multiple times the Rue’s stature, her size and her demeanor remind her of Prim – not her actual appearance.  Nowhere is it stated that Rue is blonde, white, has blue eyes, or looks exactly like Prim.

As for Lenny Kravitz playing Cinna, I’ll admit it wasn’t my first choice.  But that had nothing to do with Kravitz’s skin color.

The book does say the Cinna has brown hair and green eyes.  But that’s all.  And, while it would be rare for Cinna to have dark skin and green eyes, it’s not out the realm of possibility, and it’s certainly nothing to complain about.

Quite frankly, I find your lack of critical reading skills appalling.  Beyond that, I can’t believe that this topic has become a springboard for such hateful words to be slung at actors because of their skin colors.  The fact that the actress who plays Amandla Sternberg is black did not affect her ability to act as a charming, adorable and convincing Rue.  Dayo Okeniyi was an excellent Thresh, and it had nothing to do with his skin color.  And Lenny Kravitz did a good job as kind, calm Cinna, even though ethnicity isn’t fully explored in the book.  The actors performed wonderfully and their skin color – whether it was what you had pictured or not – did not affect this.

I hope you all figure this out soon.