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Dear Anonymous Credit Card User

Dear Anonymous Credit Card User,

I’d like to congratulate you on your line of credit! However, I do have some rather bad news: you seem to have acquired this credit card by using my identity.

I’m not mad at you; I just find you puzzling. I ordered a credit report this morning and was surprised and perplexed to discover that I had had a valid credit card back in 2007. Now, the account was only open for three days, and it appears that nothing was spent. While this is a relief, it also makes the situation all the more confusing.

Who are you? Why would you open a credit card account for three days? How did you get my information? And, did I forget to ask who are you?

I will be awaiting your reply most eagerly. I am quite interested to know what caused you to act in this way.


Dear Credit/Debit/Gift Card Users

Dear Credit/Debit/Gift Card Users,

The magnetized strip has to actually be placed inside whatever machine you are trying to use to access your money. Whether it be a gas station terminal or a checkout at the grocery store, this does not change. The machine always needs have the side of the card with the magnetic strip. Otherwise, you’re just running a useless piece of plastic through a machine that does not know how to read the encryption (not really) found on useless pieces of plastic.

Please don’t argue with me by saying that “Every place is different” or “I just never know.” This fact remains the same across the board. Trust me.