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Dear Bees

Dear Bees,

I am typically fond of your species. I love honey for its many uses and health benefits and I simply find your bee societies interesting all around. A friend recently taught me a few things about you, and I was quite enthralled with how neat you are.

It saddens me that you are slowly disappearing from the planet. If you become all-together extinct, Earth will suffer immensely. Flowers will have a hard time being pollinated, I will no longer have honey to sweeten my tea and ~*decades-old spoiler alert*~ Macaulay Culkin will no longer die at the end of My Girl. You are irreplaceable in this world, Bees. I want you to continue to exist.

It is this desire to see you thrive that drives me to warn you that you have made a pretty dumb move. You have currently decided to place a hive in a tree quite literally in the middle of the parking lot of a busy store. You then went on to swarm around one of my coworkers, prompting me to warn my manager that you might be dangerous. I felt bad in doing so, as this means you will certainly be suffocated by insecticide. However the prospect of a human being suffocated by anaphylaxis is a little more traumatizing.

I have some advice for you, Bees: flee the region. Fly elsewhere. Don’t get too attached to that tree in the middle of the parking lot because doing so will mean certain death. Please migrate someplace where people won’t try to kill you by the thousands.

I wish you luck.