Dear Christians Who Are Planning on Eating Chick-fil-A Tomorrow in an Effort to Accomplish Something Spectacular

Dear Christians Who Are Planning on Eating Chick-fil-A Tomorrow in an Effort to Accomplish Something Spectacular,

I will not be joining you.

This is not because I don’t hold to a biblical definition of marriage.  This is not because I think that homosexuality exempt from being classified as sinful.  This is not because of the month I spent wiping down tables at Chick-fil-A when I was eighteen and someone left their purple acrylic nails all over one of the tables and it scarred me for life a little.

No, this is very, very different.

It seems that most people who are participating in this anti-boycott-whatever-it-is are those who feel very strongly that the United States should enforce Christian values and beliefs among its citizens.  While I am in full support of Christian values and beliefs (as I, being a Christian, hold them myself), I do not think that the U.S. should be the prime enforcer of them.


Because the Bible is pretty explicit with its own teachings, and I don’t think the Lord needs help from the government.

No, really.

The conservative branch of American politics seems to have it in their heads that the government needs to get back to upholding and enforcing biblical principles.  This is kind of ridiculous for two reasons:

1. People who haven’t been transformed by the working of God on their hearts are not going to act in accordance with biblical teachings.  It is absurd to assume that people who are not Christian will accept the standards of the Lord with open arms. And, an attempt to enforce them doesn’t make the nation Christian; it only spreads about shallow moralism that saves no one and misleads many.

2. The last time I checked, the Lord is the one who enforces His standards, He is the one Who defines sin, and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t need us to eat chicken to accomplish this.

This goes beyond American politics.  The fact of the matter is, the American government doesn’t define a godly marriage; God defines a godly marriage.  Politicians don’t get to decide what’s morally right or wrong; the Lord does.  And while I don’t think we should applaud or support things that we know are wrong biblically, looking to the government to create biblical laws is frustrating and pointless.  God can and will enforce His own standards, whether the President of the U.S. or the president of a fast-food chain agrees with Him or not.

Oh, and this support-showing anti-boycott-thing doesn’t accomplish what should be our true goal as Christians, which is preaching the Gospel.

This is a disgusting distraction from what Christians should be doing.  Even if every activist stride you take is rewarded with biblical principles being set into place in our laws and across our country, even if every homosexual person gives up their lifestyle because they suddenly find it to be wrong, even if every person that’s ever lied or stolen or cheated on their spouse or let their anger get out of control or been lazy reforms their ways and becomes a productive, moral member of society, they will still all be productive, moral members of society on their way to eternal damnation if Christ has not transformed their hearts.

This whole thing has gotten out of control, and it’s blurring the already hazy lines between genuine Christian behavior stemming from a heart changed by God and putrid, meaningless moralism enforced by a national government.  What good is it if people know that you hate the idea of homosexual marriage if they never hear the Gospel?

So, though I will undoubtedly crave Chick-fil-A tomorrow (it is Wednesday, after all…I always want Chick-fil-A on Wednesdays), I will not be joining any of you there.  I cannot support the propagation of Cross-less moralism.




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8 responses to “Dear Christians Who Are Planning on Eating Chick-fil-A Tomorrow in an Effort to Accomplish Something Spectacular

  • Stan

    I agree that eating Chick-Fil-A isn’t going to please God.
    But God is against homosexuality because let’s be honest, the spout at the gas station does go in the trunk it goes in the gas tank, human beings are designed by it’s creator in a certain way. Of course we have willpower to go against it but just because you can.. doesn’t mean its right.

    Regarding the recent uproar with Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel saying they can’t have Chick-Fil-A in their state because it goes against the state’s values, I’ve to bring this up.. I find it odd Chik-Fil-a is receiving intolerance from those who want tolerance.

    Tolerance doesn’t mandate conformity to other’s beliefs, like generally speaking christians are not going on strikes and boycotting places where gay people can be found, so why should people boycott and go crazy about removing Chick-Fil-A instituion which doesn’t support homosexuality?

    • Chelsea

      I agree that Chick-fil-A shouldn’t be actively boycotted because of the views of their president, but that’s not really the issue I was discussing here. The group I was addressing are specifically Christians whose actions indicate that they believe that changing the outward behavior of a person, a group of people or a government is on the same level as preaching the Gospel or proclaiming the Word of the Lord. It’s not even close.

  • TheLadyJournal

    This is interesting. It makes me think about the whole issue you think there’s at all a small chance of at least one person being saved through all of this hoopla though? I don’t know–I’d like to believe that, God can transform hearts even from the craziest of things–such as a Chick-fil-A sandwich, because we are all wired differently and just unique in our own way. Whatever satan means for evil, God means for good. Back in the day, I would be so in agreement with this article–but lately, I’m learning to accept that not everyone is the same in their walks for God–everyone’s first step is almost different–then by God, they are forever changed by His Love and mercy and their acceptance of His Will. Maybe one person will be changed tomorrow–who knows.

    I’m not a controversy starter by the way, but this was just interesting to me. Take care!

    • Chelsea

      I do agree that the Lord can use a variety of means to change the hearts of people. But, my point with this letter is that changing the outward actions of others by force isn’t the same as preaching the gospel. I have yet to see one person involved in the Chick-fil-A issue say anything about Christ. It’s been about homosexuality being a sin and taking a stand and a whole slew of other things that have nothing to do with the gospel.

      The fact of the matter is, if we only preach moralism, people will come away with a skewed view of the gospel. That’s not something I really want to gamble with, personally.

      • TheLadyJournal

        I understand. I think Billy Graham mentioned something about this. He was in defense of Chick’s status on the issue. It’s just one of those issues that will never be so clear-cut, it will always manage to get messy and things that we see as ‘having nothing to do with the gospel’ will always manage to weave their way into issues as this–that’s how awfully devious the enemy works..anyways, we just have to pray that God’s will be done regardless of the manipulations and that He has His way. It’s hard, because their (Chick-fil-A) is already a massive Christian co.–they can’t hide away in the corner or anything of the sort–they actually have to stand in someway and do something about it now. Anyways, indeed we should be preaching The Gospel and not mere portions of good character and moralism–maybe even this message can get heard a midst this upheaval as well.

  • Teresa

    Awesome article. I have been mentioning this kind of thinking on facebook, lets just say we are in the minority.

    • Chelsea

      Thank you! Yes, I’m not entirely surprised by the overall response to this situation, but I am a bit disappointed. The Lord is good, though, and hopefully people will begin to see what’s truly important.

  • zachdorman

    Excellent post. That is exactly why I did not go…

    This whole fiasco from many Christians was the idea that they should heap more and more ‘law’ on sinners, when they’ve heard plenty of that. Sinners, including me, need desperately to hear the Gospel. Christ and Him crucified for our sins. Thanks for your words and reminder not to lose sight of the gospel.

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