Dear Health Food Bloggers

Dear Health Food Bloggers (Oh She Glows, in particular),

Slopping food and drink down the side of dishes does not make people want to run out to the store and buy all the necessary ingredients to make whatever recipe you’re hawking.

Seriously, it doesn’t make your food look attractive.

I know many of you have wonderful recipes.  And, yes, even some of the recipes that are represented by photographic proof of your inability to pour out of a pitcher are tasty.  And there is certainly some artistic license in food photography, but you have to make it clear that you’re being artistic.  Instead, many of your photos look like you have the motor skills of a preschool-aged child at nap time.

Maybe you should try taking a sloppy photo and a non-sloppy photo of one dish and asking your friends and family which they would rather eat.  I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather eat something that doesn’t make me think of a smoothie being smeared all over my hands and arms.

If asking your loved ones doesn’t help, maybe you should consider taking a food photography class.



P.S. Seriously, Oh She Glows…every time I see a photo on Pinterest of a healthy smoothie and it’s pouring over the edge of the glass, I already know it’s yours.  You might want to invest in some dish towels.


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