Dear Inhabitants of North Texas

Dear Inhabitants of North Texas,

I do understand that many of you are unaware of the joys of snow. If you were around for the freak snowstorm of February 11, 2010, you probably realize that snow is white, fluffy, soft and fun to play with. Personally, I spent about an hour last year flinging snowballs at my friends and enjoyed snow’s presence very much.

I do not, however, enjoy ice. Ice is slippery, hard and makes life entirely difficult. Though I probably could make balls of ice to throw at my friends, that joyful activity wouldn’t last long as my friends would either abandon me or be knocked unconscious. Ice makes just the task of walking not only frustrating but dangerous. It is a menace and should not be celebrated.

Now that this issue has been clarified, I hope you understand where I’m coming from when I say the following: Today is not a snow day; it is an ice storm. Though schools have been closed and all of my roommates have been able to skip work, the weather has not brought the fun activities that typically come along with a snow day. Though I’m sure this day will be relaxing for most, it cannot in good conscience be called a “snow day” when snow is nowhere to be found.

Fix your semantics. Thank you.



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