Dear Old Men Everywhere

Dear Old Men Everywhere,

I understand there is an unspoken code that you are allowed to occasionally say and do things that you were not allowed to say and do when you were younger. At times, it’s endearing, such as when one of you regularly stops by the customer service desk at my place of employment to make a “complaint” that our company discriminates by only hiring beautiful women. Said by a man younger than you, that comment would come across as creepy or flirtatious, but because of your age, it is excused.

However, you cannot, I repeat, cannot say and do anything you would like. For instance: when one of you grabbed my hand yesterday all while playing Keep-Away with the piece of paper I needed from him, that was creepy. Not endearing. Not cute. Creepy.

Please keep in mind that you still need to consider your actions. Even when you’re older.



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