Dear World

Dear World,

Every year, you grow increasingly insistent that the pinnacle of the celebration of Christmas is the giving and receiving of material objects. Every year, there is an emphasis on giving being greater than receiving (although we all know good and darn well that people are naturally selfish). Every year, songs about being in love at Christmastime, walking throughout the snow and welcoming a fat, bearded creeper who parents use to control their children throughout the year (“Santa’s watching!”) are prevalent.

It seems that the whole lot of you has missed the point. Even those that tout the “season if giving” stance have missed the point. The point of this celebration isn’t to be kinder to those around you or to give to one another; the point is Christ.

This may sound cliche to many (though I promise I will never write “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” on anything, ever), but it shouldn’t be. The point of Christmas is to celebrate Christ, to recall with all seriousness the sinful, wretched state into which I was was born and from which I was saved.

Prior to Christ, I was a God-hating, wretched girl drowning in my own sin. There was nothing good in me. But, because of God’s goodness and grace, Christ was born into this world. Fully God and fully man, He was perfect. He died and was resurrected, taking on sin that I may have right standing before the Lord. Because of God’s grace, my eyes were opened and I was given the faith to believe, and my nature was changed. Because of Christ, I am able to fellowship with God. I owe Him everything. I can never give Him enough.

It’s often brought up during the holidays that I should remember Christ. Most people seem to think that just means thinking about a baby in a manger. What it truly is is a time to celebrate the grace God has given me by sending His Son to die that I might live in communion with the Lord.

Please try to remember this.



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